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Design Projects 

KB Management can fill in the design gap for your brand with polished graphic designs that can take your project or campaign to the next level. 

content 1.png

Text based logo bundles includes one main text based logo using fonts, colors, and textures that align with your brand personality. A brand profile  that reveals your brand colors codes, fonts, and textures used in your text logo. Bundles also include a content kit. Designed content displaying your new brand personality and its versatile placement options. Sub logos can be added to your bundle as an upgrade.



mood board.png
main logo_edited.png
content 2.png
brand profile 4.13.42 PM.png


Social Media

Social media templates are a great way to build brand awareness across all social platforms.  Templates bundles are available and range from 6-30, depending on how often you post on social media. 

& Invitations


Flyer and custom invitations are perfect to grab your audience's attention for your event or special offer! All flyers are designed based on the direction of the client.  Professional pictures are suggested for best quality.

Diva Dash holiday flyers.png
Kamesha flyer.png
Anastasia book celebration invite (4).png



WEA business card design.png
Crissy photo booth Business Card.png
Book with coach T.png

Tell everyone about your brand in style! Digital business cards are great for networking events or passing someone in the store! They come in a variety of styles and shapes! Digital designs only!

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